The magic of horses...

In 2016, two evening equestrian shows are proposed, with and without dinner.

Equestrian cabarets 2016    

In the beautiful setting of the Orangerie riding school, three "dinner-shows", where horses and equestrian artists will enchant you with their freedom, aerobatics, dressage, and even fire tricks! They are be accompanied by a troupe of dancers from the Cultural Association of the Pays de Pompadour.

On the menu:

  • Duck foie gras on gingerbread with black chanterelle mushrooms,
  • Veal with walnut Madeira sauce, crushed Mediterranean potatoes and courgette tart,
  • Caramelised apple pie.

Times, prices, booking:

- Dates: Friday 15 July, 5 & 19 August 2016, at 8 pm, by reservation only, at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Pompadour in Lubersac.

- Prices:

  • 45 € adults,
  • 35 € children (4 to 11 years).


Equestrian shows

For a family evening out!

Dates: Tuesday 26 & Friday 29 July, Tuesdays 2, 9, 16 and Friday 26 August 2016, at 9 pm, at the Orangerie.


  • 15€ adults (12 and over),
  • 10€ childrend (4 to 11 years).

Behind the Scenes of the Pompadour Equestrian Shows

In the afternoons, you can discover how our artists work with their horses, to to bring you the evening show.

Times and prices for these events

Meet our equestrian artists-in-residence at the Pompadour national stud

- The ATAO company, Toma and Amandine

Toma has been in the equestrian world for over fifteen years. Trained by Christophe Hasta Luego, his natural sensitivity led him towards free training and school dressage.

Co-founder and artist of the company Le Cheval Rouge from 2005 to 2013, he also worked alongside Jean-Marc Imbert, Gaby Dew, Jean-Louis Armand of Compagnie Caracole, Bruno Boisliveau and many others

Amandine learned to ride bareback before she learned to walk, and it's a passion that will never leave her. Her lifetime's ambition is to understand the way horses think. She is a horsewoman of great finesse, always listening to her horses, in search of the perfect working relationship.

- Loreleï Laesslé

Lorelei is an equestrian artist passionate about her horses. Her mission is to share with the public the special relationship she has created with her companions. Through each of her disciplines, Cossack, dressage and Hungarian post, she shares a little of her daily work and makes you marvel at the complicity and confidence she has developed with her horses. The pleasure she takes being on stage has led her twice to win the open trophy at the Equestria festival, in 2009 and in 2015. Serenity, simplicity, listening and respect are key words of her art - and you will be delighted with the result

Our troupe of dancers

The "association culturelle du Pays de Pompadour" is highly involved in local activities with more than 200 members doing tap dance, zumba, fitness and music classes.

The dancers performing for you are Valérie, Karina, Bérengère, Audrey and Laura.

Having danced the last three summers in shows with Lorelei and Toma at the equestrian cabarets, they are back this summer for numbers mixing oriental dance, tango and the can can, in collaboration with our equestrian artists.