The Pompadour racecourse with its natural hedge jumps is considered to be one of the most challenging anywhere!

First category of obstacles dedicated to gallopers

What strikes visitors arriving in Pompadour, is the hilly terrain, harmonious green colours where stand natural hedges surrounded by sandy track to 2000m long facing the castle.

The crosscountry part, hightly selective, made its reputation. Ranked 1st category, its obstacles are flat races, steeplechase and eventing are all competed here. Spectators have a fantastic vantage point to follow the entire race from the stands.

Detection and selection of champions

The Pays de Pompadour (and Limousin) has always been renowned a breeding ground, but lacked one vital component for improving the selection and education of racehorses —a racecourse.

This was finally created in 1836 by M. De Lespinats, in an initiative that "thought to consider the construction of a racecourse around the castle grounds to obtain thoroughbred horses with strength, energy and substance, it being essential to give them as young as three years old, sustained exercise and well calculated foodstuffs to develop their muscular parts."

Organization of the first races and creation of the racing association

Thus the racecourse, at first devoted only to training, saw the organization of its first races the following year, in 1837. The "Society for the Encouragement of Pompadour for the Propagation and Improvement of Horses" was created six years later, on 21st August 1843. Although that organisation folded in 1870, its motto" Union and perseverance" was adopted by the Pompadour racing league, created in October 21st, 1887, exactly fifty years after the first races. In 1891, the "Pari Mutuel Hippodrome" (PMH) was introduced. Today people come to the racecourse every meeting to place a bet, but you can also bet from everywhere in France thanks to the "Pari Mutuel Urbain".