The "Jumenterie" where thoroughbred Arabs and Anglo-Arab foals sired at the Pompadour national stud farm grow up and receive training.

A bucolic setting and a place to learn

This is the "maternity" wing of the Domaine de Pompadour where broodmares and foals are the focus of attention - the mares to ensure foals are born in the best conditions, and the foals to ensure they grow, flourish and acquire strength and vigour.

On some forty acres of meadows, the young horses learn how to race and have fun, gamboling about under the amused and watchful eye of their mothers, with views over the castle of Pompadour and the priory of Arnac on the horizon.

At the age of six months, weaning time comes: the foals are separated from their mothers and grouped by sex. They will continue their apprenticeship together until the age 3 years old.

This farm is home to some sixty horses, Pure Arab and Anglo-Arab.

History and organization of the site

The construction of the site, both architecturally and in terms of the organization of the grasslands and paddocks, was carried out in a thoughtful manner. The house overlooks the twin stables, installed on a lower level. This arrangement makes it possible to keep an eye on the animals, the buildings and grasslands and dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was fully renovated in 1870.

Each of the stables has sixteen boxes although each has a different structure. The first with its clay floor, has a central aisle with boxes opening into the stable. The second building has doors with two leaves, leading directly outside.

The stables have a wonderful feeling of serenity and harmony, thanks to their architectural coherence and spaces ornamented with beautifully cut boxwood decorations.

A land of champions

Since the 19th century, many foals of illustrious origin have trampled the meadows of Chignac, whether colts or fillies, Arab or Anglo-Arab, for racing or showjumping.

These include:

  • Anglo-Arab racehorses: selected on Hestampe Japonaise or Histoire Olympique, two granddaughters of Fayriland II, or for example Mineapolis, 9 times placed with 3 wins in 14 races.
  • The mares Bonne Foulée (by Tidjani), 4 times places in 5 races, Bérénice Royale (by Dormane) selected for his line: his father Dormane was 1st in the ranking of the stallions among winners in three-year-old races in France in 2010, and first in the ranking of sire stallions of mothers of winners in France in 2010. His mother was 4 times placed in six races.

Tour of the Domaine de Chignac

A unique foaling nursery, where you can marvel at the foal's first steps with its mother. Stroll in the meadows and meet the horses, with a guide explaining on the functioning of this site (foaling, methods of reproduction, the different races, etc).

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