With its imposing mural by André Brasilier, the Chapel of St Blaise is an unmissable treat for anyone interested in art.

Affiliated to the Saint-Martial abbey of Limoges in 1158, the chapel gained particular importance at the end of the Middle Ages thanks to Geoffroy de Pompadour, who also commissioned important works on the castle and parish church.

In 1819, the town restored the chapel and gave it to the Pompadour stud farm which used it as its "chapel of officers" until 1942.

Having fallen once again into disrepair, the chapel was saved anew thanks to an artistic project launched in 2002 by the European Institute of Countryside Art and Cultural Action, which funds projects relating to the preservation and promotion of religious art in rural settings.

The restoration of this small building involved the building of a new wooden vault to accommodate canvases by André Brasilier (born in Saumur in 1929). Over three hundred square metres of painted decorations illustrating the story of Jesus, are housed beneath the vault, and on almost all the interior walls. Seeking stylistic harmonistion, Brasilier also collaborated in the production of stained-glass windows and liturgical furniture.

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