An exceptional natural heritage, Pompadour and its surroundings offer an unmissable natural environment

What is a station verte?

A Station Verte is a municipality (town or village, or smaller) in rural setting, in the mountains or on the coast, engaged in ecological tourism. These municipalities offer a tourist and leisure service based on nature, heritage and activities with a low environmental impact. Constantly adapting to the expectations of the clientele and local inhabitants, the Federation of Stations Vertes wishes to contribute to a coherent project of local development taking into account current social and economic issues with an environmental perspective.

The Station Verte label concerns three municipalities in our area - Pompadour, Saint-Sornin Lavolps and Beyssac.

With its exceptional heritage, Pompadour and its surroundings offer a cultural and natural wealth impossible to beat. Horse riding, walks, cycling or hiking, swimming, fishing, all the ingredients of a fantastic stay in the real, unspoiled countryside.