Learn all there is to know about the Golden Delicious apples of Limousin

Limousin Golden Delicious - the best apples in the world! Discover why the golden delicious variety planted in the Limousin soil gives such crisp juicy apples, well balanced between sugar and acidity.

You will be welcomed and guided by a local producer, who teach you about the growing, harvesting and preserving of the fruit. How do apples harvested in autumn keep all their qualities throughout the year without treatment after harvest? Come and find out!

Visiting the orchards

All summer, every Thursday at 11 am

Apple growers welcome you to share their profession and their passion. They'll show you their orchards and explain in detail all the steps of apple growing in the Limousin region.

Tour of a fruit cooperative

All summer, every Thursday at 2:30 pm, you can visit a fruit cooperative

Discover the storage rooms, the sorting facilities, and hand grading, packing processes.

Visits are organised by prior reservation:

  • online, orchard visit,
  • online, fruit cooperative tour,
  • by phone on +33 (0)5 55 73 31 51


Limousin apple tourism:

  • Route de la Pomme. A journey of about fifty kilometres along the small roads of western Corrèze amid the beautiful landscapes of the Vézère Valley,
  • the discovery of a place unique in the world,
  • a selection of places to eat,
  • a selection of recipes.

All this and more at this link!