It is the country Limousin which makes all the difference!

Always consumed, cultivated in the Limousin region since antiquity, the apple has been known for its nutritive qualities since the middle ages. The therapeutic virtues of the apple used in the manufacture of ointments gives us the word "pomade" from the French "pomme" for apple.

A short history of Limousin apples

Imported from the United States, the Golden Delicious variety was introduced to the region in the 1950s. It grows extremely well in the Limousin soil, where it develops unique taste qualities. It is also endowed with an exceptional shelf life, which allows it to be marketed throughout the year.

In just fifty years of culture, the Golden variety has gained recognition from consumers and professionals alike. In 2005, it obtained a registered appellation d'origine (AOC) and, since 2007, the appellation "Pomme du Limousin" has been recognised as a protected name.

The Limousin Golden Delicious is the only apple in France to have obtained this distinction. Why is this?

Limousin apples, a local product

It is the Limousin soil that makes all the difference! The orchards are located on slopes where for centuries apple trees have prospered better than elsewhere. In addition, the rules of cultivation for the "Pomme du Limousin" obey strict specifications. In particular, the production area is delimited by the altitude of the orchards and the geology of the soil.

Golden Delicious apples are grown in 100 towns and villages in the Corrèze, the Creuse, Haute-Vienne and the Dordogne départements. Cultivated by 320 farmers on small farms, this is a culture with strong local roots, naturally leading the growers to take account of the potential environmental effects of their work.

Fruit of nature

Local farmers produce good quality, beautiful and healthy fruit in respect of the environment. This is their work and they do it with pride!

An example of this is the way apple growers call upon bee keepers in the region to encourage pollination. They are members of the Quality Charter of "Eco-responsable" farmers, who have also signed up to the "good neighbour" charter. In addition, apple growers in Limousin are working to implement techniques to further reduce the use of pesticides.

Visit the orchards and meet the farmers to find out more.