Discover the techniques of the trades of yesteryear and today with our video presentations

The saddlery and tack workshop

Using ancestral traditions, saddlers use leather tools such as the foot knife, the former, the claw, and sewing pliers to make a saddles and tack such as halters, bridles , reins and stirrup straps, from cutting to finishing using hand or machine sewing techniques.

The forge

The horseshoe is intended to prevent premature wear of the hoof and to correct its level. It was used as early as the 9th century. The video will show you an English fitting, the farrier working alone during the trimming of the hoof, the fitting of a new shoe and burning it in;

The horse dentist

Horses' teeth grow constantly throughout their lives, and regular maintenance is necessary to maintain a healthy and well-performing animal. Discover the anatomy of horse's skull and watch the horse dentist carry out care procedures on the oral cavity with some outsized dentistry tools.


The different techniques of assisted reproduction will be presented to you, as well as foaling techniques and care of the newborn foal.